Have an Emergency or Safety Concern?

Call our 24-hour manned operations center at  (866) 504-0407

Recognizing hazardous condition in an emergency
Public safety is our priority! Natural Gas leaks are often times recognized by sight, sound, or smell. If you hear hissing sounds or see bubbling, ground staining, blowing dirt, dead or discolored vegetation, or a vapor cloud, immediately leave the area, making sure that others are not in the vicinity, and then immediately notify our call center (866) 504-0407 or call 911. WTG has trained operations teams that specialize in responding to pipeline leaks and ensuring public safety.
Avoiding pipeline damage

While accidents pertaining to WTG pipelines are rare, a leading cause of pipeline incidents are the result of 3rd party damage due to excavation, digging, fencing, etc. This is why each state requires by law that all landowners and contractors alike utilize 811 Call before you dig prior to any ground disturbance. When you do so, WTG will come and mark our pipelines if they are in your area, to help ensure your safety. 

West Texas Gas (WTG) is committed to maintaining a high regard for health, safety, and the environment. We are dedicated to going above and beyond to ensure that we have safe and reliable operations. We believe that a proactive approach is good business, and we make every effort to create and sustain a culture of putting members of the public, our customers, and our team members as the priority. We have and are continuously enhancing our environmental and safety practices and programs and consider those to be the bedrock of responsible operations.

Emergency Contact

In the event of any emergency, call 911. If you suspect or identify an emergency situation with any of our WTG facilities or pipelines, please call our toll free 24-hour manned control center at:

WTG Control Center: 866-504-0407

Public Awareness and Damage Prevention

WTG is committed to actively participating in public awareness initiatives specifically targeting members of the public who live and work and are in the general proximity to our facilities and pipelines. The purpose of the program is to educate the public of the potential hazards associated with any pipeline, as well as what to do in the event of an emergency.

WTG’s Public Awareness program provides informative safety information in the form of mail-outs to property owners and residents that live in the proximity to our pipelines. Similar information plus direct engagement with local emergency officials are conducted annually for those emergency officials located in the communities where we have pipelines.

WTG’s Damage Prevention program actively participates in state 811 “Call Before You Dig” programs and is designed to educate the public about the importance of identifying pipelines and utility lines that may be located underground. Whether you are planning a major construction project as a contractor, or planting a garden as a resident, call 811 at least 48 hours in advance of breaking ground on any digging projects. This will help you know what pipeline hazards my exist and may prevent an accident.

Texas law requires homeowners to contact 811 at least two business days (excluding weekends and holidays) before digging, even if you’re working in your own backyard.

Workplace Safety

Fostering a safe working environment with a positive worker engagement and training is key. To protect the safety of our team members, WTG maintains and implements an integrated system of policies, practices, and controls. We strive to proactively identify workplace hazards and take prompt action when hazards are identified. In addition, WTG employees and contractors have the authority and are encouraged to “Stop Work” if they believe a workplace hazard has not been adequately addressed.

Environmental Stewardship

WTG is dedicated to environmental stewardship. We recognize that our commitment to implement programs and practices to improve environmental protection and minimize risk is important to the sustainability of our business. We believe that the value we create for our stakeholders extends beyond compliance. While we are focused on a number of environmental activities, we strive for continuous improvement with a goal of reducing our footprint.

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